South Asians for Human Rights

Promoting Democracy, Upholding Human Rights

Published in The Financial Express on Jan 06 ::

It was indeed worrisome to see deteriorating human rights condition of our country during the last year. If drastic action is not taken to improve the situation, things will go out of control shortly. Last year 147 people died in political clashes, 128 people killed in so called crossfire incidents, 88 forced disappearances took place and 60 custodial deaths occurred. All these present a grim picture of the country and we cannot feel assured of a better time ahead. The government denies the reality and pretend that everything is all right. If we continue to deny the ground reality, the situation will turn from bad to worse. The citizens are living with a feeling of fear and insecurity which is bound to retard the process of development of the country. Human rights violation by the law enforcing agencies in last year was alarming, to say the least. In our country we see whenever a political party comes into power they use the law enforcing agencies as their party cadres and it is one of the main reasons for deteriorating human rights situation.  I hope that in 2015 we shall see a positive change in our human rights situation condition and bring back social order.