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The All India Human Rights Association (AIHRA) has demanded that the Indian troops and police personnel involved in human rights violations in occupied Kashmir should be punished.

The Association said that it would submit a memorandum to the Indian Home Ministry and other officials in New Delhi seeking prosecution against the troops and police personnel involved in human right abuses.

As part of their public contact programme in Srinagar, the President of the Association, M.U. Dua, said that his association strongly believed that the troops and police personnel should maintain the dignity of human rights and those involved in their violation should be punished without any delay or favour. “We will not hesitate to write to home ministry and others to initiate proceedings against those involved in human rights violations,” he maintained.

The AIHRA President said that purpose of his visit to occupied Kashmir was to inform people, particularly youth, about their human, political and social rights.

M.U. Dua said that on May 1, they started their 224-day journey from Jantar Mantar, New Delhi, to visit occupied Kashmir, Indian States and SAARC countries to inform the people about their rights.

The human rights group also distributed pamphlets among the people in Lal Chowk in which a message was given to them about their rights.

(Source: Kashmir Media Service, 21/05/2013: