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Amid a rapid rise in violence against women across the country, the police forces in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan rescued a woman as two men were attempting to murder for for unknown reasons.

The two men were apparently attempting to murder in the name of honor but the local officials are saying that the main motive has not been ascertained so far.

The provincial government media office in a statement confirmed the incident and said one of the suspects has been arrested and is in custody of the police forces.

The statement further added that the two have been identified as Hokom Khan and Waziri who were attempting to kill the young woman in Behsud district.

According to the provincial government, Wazir has confessed to his crime for the attempted murder and efforts are underway to arrest Hokom Khan in connection to the incident.

This comes as incidents involving violence against women are on the rise in the remote parts of the country amid rampant violence against the women.

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission officials said last year that they have recorded around 3,000 cases of violence against women and young girls.

The officials further added that the cases belonged to the year 1395 and mainly involved rape cases, forced marriage, and other forms of domestic violence.


Updated On: Jul 30 2017