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The Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) has questioned Maldives re-election as United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) member.

In its report titled “Judicial Coup d’etat in Maldives”, the ACHR said Maldives does not have a legitimate government at present, and it being reelected unopposed as a member of the UNHRC is a mockery and sends an absolutely wrong message about the UNHRC.

Four Asian countries i.e. China, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and Maldives are the only four candidates left for the four open seats of the Asian region following withdrawal of its candidature by Jordan.

“The re-election of Maldives as a member of the UN Human Rights Council at the UN General Assembly today despite having no legitimate government in Male is a mockery and sends an absolutely wrong message about the UN Human Rights Council. The credibility of the United Nations can only be restored through suspension of the membership of Maldives from the UN Human Rights Council like Libya in 2011,” said Suhas Chakma, Director of the ACHR.

Chakma further stated that the term of President Waheed had expired on November 11, 2013 and that he is clinging on to power through a judicial coup d’etat.

The ACHR called on the international community to establish accountability of those individuals who have been subverting democracy in Maldives by (i) not recognising Mohammed Waheed as President of Maldives and downgrading engagements with all the diplomatic missions of Maldives until a legitimate and democratically elected President takes over in Male through the run- off election slated for 16 November 2013; (ii) not signing any new agreement including for bilateral and/or multilateral aid with Waheed’s regime; and (iii) further imposing a travel ban and boycott of Mohammed Waheed and four judges of the Supreme Court, namely, Ahmed Abdulla Didi, Abdulla Saeed, Adam Mohamed Abdulla and Ali Hameed Mohamed, and Police Commissioner Abdullah Riyaz through denial of employment, invitation or any other association or engagement.

Source: Business Standard – 12.11.2013 –