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By Achalie Kumarage and Madushika Gunawardane

In a shocking revelation, the Department of Probation and Child Care Services said yesterday it received nearly ten complaints of child abuse from around the country daily.

“We direct the complaints to relevant authorities at national, school and provincial levels,” Commissioner D.M.S. Abayagunawardana said and added that the department had dealt with some 150 cases during the past six months.

He said most of the complaints related to the employment of underage children and children who were not sent to school.

The Police, Provincial Child Care Commissioners, Divisional Secretariats and the Education Ministry carry out the necessary investigations into the complaints.

He said as a means of dealing with the complaints at a Divisional level, the department had appointed Child’s Rights Promotion Officers at all the Divisional Secretariats.

“Last year we set up a help line – 1929 for the lodging of complaints, which is being handled by the National Child Protection Authority. We are also monitoring the counselling programmes set up in schools,” Mr. Abayagunawardana said.

Source : The Daily Mirror – 16.07.2010