South Asians for Human Rights

Promoting Democracy, Upholding Human Rights

South Asians for Human Rights (SAHR), a regional network of human rights defenders, request the Government of Bangladesh to immediately ensure the safety and security of eminent human right activist, Sultana Kamal, and two others, who received death threats allegedly from a group of militants.

There are credible reports that prominent human rights activists, Sultana Kamal, as well as journalist, Shahriar Kabir, and historian, Professor Muntasir Mamun, received death threats from a group of militants. Sultana Kamal filed a General Diary (GD) with the Dhanmondi police station seeking security and noting that a group of militants had stated in a magazine ‘Lone Wolf’ published in March 2019 by the group that preparations have been made to kill the above mentioned activists. 

SAHR reminds the Government of Bangladesh that the growing religious extremism in the country has resulted in loss of life and damage to property in the recent years. Extremist groups must not be allowed to incite violence and threaten or harm citizens or deny their fundamental rights. We believe that the government has an obligation to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens under the Constitution of Bangladesh and international human rights laws and standards. 

Sultana Kamal, Chairperson of SAHR and Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB), is a regionally and internationally respected human rights defender. The safety of human rights activists defending the voiceless and marginalized people and advocating for the rights of the people must be guaranteed so that they could continue their work without fear for their life. 

Therefore, SAHR urges the relevant authorities of the government to take stern and concrete actions to ensure adequate security to these activists. 

On behalf of the members of South Asians for Human Rights, 

Mohamed Latheef – Co- Chairperson 
Palwasha Hussain (Afghanistan) 
Ahmad Fahim Hakim (Afghanistan) 
Sara Hossain (Bangladesh) 
D.J Ravindran (India) 
Roshmi Goswami (India) 
Dr Aminath Jameel (Maldives) 
Bharathi Silawal Giri (Nepal) 
Dr Priti Mandal (Nepal) 
Mohammed Tahseen (Pakistan) 
Lakshan Dias (Sri Lanka) 
Tahirih Quarratul Ayn (Sri Lanka) 
Saroja Sivachandran (Sri Lanka)