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In Bangladesh, 90 percent children are being victims of sexual harassment.

Of them 83 percent are oppressed by the close relatives.

The information came through a report of ‘Ground Zero’-an organization working with the children.

The research survey titled ‘Sexual Abuse on Children in Bangladesh’ said that 30 percent children from class three and four are the victims of sexual harassment.

The rate of repression rises to 90 percent as soon as the students are promoted to class five.

The incidents occurred by the close relatives and known persons to the children.

The organization conducted the survey over 6 hundred children of 10 schools in Dhaka and Satkhira.

Of those there were two special schools.

Iffat Jahan Tushar, Coordinator of Ground Zero said to The Imphal Times, the experience that we have gathered while doing work with sexual harassment over children is terrible.

Known persons and close relatives are conducting such kind of behavior with the children.

As a result the children understand the bad caress but cannot protest.

One of the main Coordinators of the research survey Rifah Sharmili Badhan said, parents, teachers and relatives do not make open discussion with the children.

For this, risk of sexual repression increases.

Parents should listen to their offspring as a friend.

This will create major opportunity for children to be safe.

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Chairman Kazi Riazul Haque said over the matter, children of our country are not safe even in homes.

Family members are also being associated with the list of sexual repressors.

Though child protection law is formulated but it cannot make any effective role.

This human rights activist held social discrimination responsible for these types of incidents.

Updated On: December 26 2017