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CHENNAI: For allegedly razing down the under-construction house of a woman near Perambalur by revenue authorities, the State Human Rights Commission on Tuesday recommended the State to provide the vicitm a compensation of Rs 3 lakh and initiate disciplinary action against the erring officials.

According to the petition submitted by Amutha of Murukkankudi, she demolished her century-old thatched huts on natham land at Sirumathur in 2013 and started the construction of new house. But revenue officials, including Kunnam tahsildar Selvam and  Revenue Inspector Suresh, went on to demolish the house with the aid of the police. 

Countering the allegations, the officials said there was a Vari (ditch) poramboke near Amutha’s house which was encroached by her and she attempted to construct a concrete house. So, the revenue inspector instructed Amutha not to construct a building  in 2013. But she went on to construct a house that was removed as an encroachment as per the act.

SHRC member D Jayachandran said Amutha with her 90-year old father, has been living in the property for over 50 years with a patta. Selvam and Suresh carried out the entire exercise without any survey, was in violation of the human rights, observed the commission. Therefore, it recommended the State to pay a compensation of Rs 3 lakh to the victim and recover it from the Tahsildar and Revenue inspector.


Updated On: 27th March 2019