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ANGUL: A 27-year-old youth died due to alleged police torture on Friday. The youth, Pradip Barik, of Badgunduri village was called to Kaniha police station for questioning in connection with a domestic violence complaint filed by his wife Dali.

Pradip’s family members alleged that he was beaten up at the police station. However, the police refuted the charge and stated that the youth died of natural causes.

Sources said Pradip was initially rushed to Kaniha hospital and then referred to the district headquarters hospital where he died.

An FIR was lodged by Pradip’s mother in which she alleged that her son was beaten up by the police as a result of which he died.

A high-level probe into the matter has been demanded by some human rights groups.  

SDPO of Pallahara Jashobanta Samal said the youth died of natural causes and was not assaulted in the police station. He said Pradip was an alcoholic and he and his wife were called to the police station for resolving the matter amicably.

Samal said when Pradip saw his wife at the police station, he felt uneasy and was rushed to Kaniha hospital where he was administered saline.

“When Pradip’s condition turned critical, he was shifted to the district headquarters hospital at Angul where he died,” he said, adding that post-mortem was conducted on  Saturday.


Updated On: 09th June 2019 08:29 AM |