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Sultana Kamal
Sultana Kamal

The death of writer Mushtaq Ahmed, interned in a case filed under the Digital Security Act, has made us anxious and aggrieved. Maybe someone’s interests were hit because of his writings but, in a civilised society, it is expected that his writings would be analysed objectively and the state would take steps to dispel corruption. The custodial death of Mushtaq Ahmed has created a big crack in that trust.

It seems, taking side of the corrupt people, arresting Mushtaq Ahmed, Ahmed Kabir Kishore and many more journalists, cartoonists and writers under the Digital Security Act, keeping them interned without any trial and turning down their bail pleas, has become the regular task of the state. A totally unconstitutional law cannot be acceptable for any democratic country. Rights activists and free thinkers have been opposing the law since the time of its composition. Our experience says, the apprehensions of concerned people came true as frequent misuse of that law has been continuing in independent Bangladesh. No way can we accept this. As a conscious citizen, I strongly condemn the custodial death of a writer.

I strongly demand forming of an unbiased committee to find out all the information regarding the health condition of Mushtaq Ahmed in jail, the time of his falling sick and treatment measures, physicians’ advice, and publish that for the public. I also demand the annulment of an unconstitutional and undemocratic law like the Digital Security Act.

* The article has been rewritten in English by Shameem Reza


Updated On:  27 Feb 2021