One of the Managing Trustee of Community Trust Fund (CTF) Mr. Pattani Razeek has been missing since February 11th 2010. He was last seen at Polonnaruwa Town when he got into a white colour van at around 3.00 pm. CTF is deeply concerned about his whereabouts and appeals to the authorities to act speedily to locate Mr Razeek.

Fifty five year old Mr Razeek is from Puttalum District and has worked in a number of positions including in government service and the NGO sector. Mr Razeek, as a Managing Trustee, has been managing the membership affairs/secretariat unit of the CTF.

Mr Razeek had gone to Polonnaruwa on a mission to maintain Government-NGO liaison activities on 11 Feb 2010. He informed CTF staff who accompanied him that he would be going to Ottamavadi Town in Batticaloa District for the night to meet his friend and would be back in time for a meeting at the CTF office in Polonnaruwa the next morning (February 12th) at 10 am. One of the CTF staff was instructed by Mr. Razeek to transfer his luggage from the CTF vehicle to a white colour van parked near by the Polonnaruwa mosque. According to the eye witnesses he appeared to know the people in the van. He did not return the following morning as he promised and when the CTF staff attempted to contact him his phone was not working. Immediately after that CTF staff informed Mr. Razeek’s family and deployed a search team to travel to Batticaloa on 12th afternoon.

A call was made from Mr Razeek’s phone to a driver from CTF on February 15th. When one of the CTF staff called back the call got through but no one spoke.  Few minutes later a text was received from Mr Razeek’s phone to the driver and the staff member who accompanied Mr. Razeek to Polonnaruwa stating that he was in Polonnaruwa and would be home soon. There were several attempts at contacting Mr. Razeek through his mobile phone and even though a few phone calls went through no one answered the calls.

On the 12th CTF staff team attempted to search for Mr. Razeek in Batticaloa and tried to make a complaint at Valaichchenai Police. They were asked to lodge a complaint at Polonnaruwa since he had switched vehicles there. The CTF team then lodged a complaint at Polonnaruwa and they were instructed that Mr. Razeek’s wife has to lodge a complaint in the area of his residence. Mrs. N. Razeek then lodged a complaint at Mundel Police Station in Puttalam district on the 12th.  On the 15th CTF made an additional complaint with the Puttalam Police. CTF facilitated the complaints made by the family to the Human Rights Commission in Puttalam and ICRC in Colombo. CTF’s local partner organizations also have been informed of this incident.

CTF and the family members of Mr. Razeek have also put an advertisement in Virakesari paper on February 17th requesting the public to help them find Mr. Razeek. A hand bill has been printed and distributed in Batticaloa and Polonnaruwa on the 12th and 13th by the CTF search team. After these complaints police has so far investigated the phone calls of Mr. Razeek after obtaining a court order.  SMS messages that came from his mobile phone on the 15th have also been traced by the police but so far Mr. Razeek’s whereabouts are unknown.

CTF is a non-governmental service institution working in North, East and South of Sri Lanka. It works for the vulnerable, marginalized, economically disadvantaged, internally displaced and those unfortunate victims of war as well as religious and ethnic minorities  to improve their basic facilities for a peaceful life through the concept of participatory community oriented rehabilitation and development, environmental protection, human rights and humanitarian activities.

Jenzila Majeed



Abdeen Janooriya

Fasliya Thahir

M.B. Kilabdeen

On Behalf of the Trustees and team

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